Windham and Raymond Maine Youth Lacrosse Organization for athletes grade k-8.

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Windham, ME
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Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America.  First played by Native Americans as a way to train and toughen braves for battle, or to settle disputes between tribes, the game is now played by more than 750,000 youth in the United States.  It is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.  

Boy's (Men's) and Girl's (Women's) lacrosse differ greatly in rules and equipment.  Boy's lacrosse is a contact sport and all players wear protective gear (including helmet, gloves, shoulder/chest pads, elbow pads, mouthguard and protective cup).  Girl's lacrosse does not allow body contact.  The only protective gear for girls are mouthguards and goggles.  All players should have a stick that is the proper length for them, and cleats.  


Rules for Boys (US Lacrosse)


Rules for Girls (US Lacrosse)


Equipment Fitting Guide (US Lacrosse)