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This is a message for those with children participating in the boys program.  

We wanted to let you know that US Lacrosse has made an equipment change that will go into effect for the 2022 season.  If your son currently has pads from last year, they are ok to use them for this season.  However, moving forward they will need to have equipment that meets the NOCSAE ND200 and contain the SEI certification mark:


They are not widespread at this time due to the roll out of the change.  They are not required until 2022.  We wanted to give folks a heads up in case they were in the market for new equipment.  We wanted them to have an opportunity to buy something that may last longer than just one year!  Please note that there are no changes to girls equipment at this time.   We have included an equipment list below.  Please reach out with any questions.  Thank you.




BOYS                                GIRLS

Cleats                            Cleats

Stick                                Stick

Helmet                            Goggles

Gloves                            Mouth Guard

Elbow pads

Shoulder pads 

(required 2022)

Mouth guards

Protective cup



Little Lax Program (grades K-2) is NOW OPEN!

We are excited to open registration for the 2021 spring season!  We are not completely sure what this season will have in store, but we do know one thing, we are committed to offering lacrosse to our players in whatever form we are permitted!  As you know, the state guidelines per county change biweekly and we will be keeping a close eye on those designations over the next few months as we move into the season.  We will keep you posted as decisions are made. 

At this time we are asking that you go ahead and register your child (grade 3-8) for the lacrosse season.  If they were registered last season AND you renewed the USLacrosse membership you will not need to pay anything upfront.  (USLacrosse memberships renewed in 2020 are good until 6/30/2021. The date will update upon completion of registration.)  If your child was not registered last year, or if you didn't renew the USLacrosse membership you will need to pay the USLacrosse membership fee of $30 to move through the registration process.  We ask that you not pay any registration fee to WYLO at this time.  We will keep you posted on season registration fees and uniform information once the season plan is solidified.  Registration for our Little lax program (grades K-2) will open next month.   

Thank you all for your continued patience and support of our program.  We are hopeful and excited for the season ahead!
WYLO board

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